Husam Machlovi Product Strategy & Design



I’m a product leader who has designed and built software used by millions of people worldwide.

I’m currently leading With Pulp, a digital product studio based in NYC.

Prior to starting With Pulp, I lead software teams and shipped DTC and B2B mobile apps and websites for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.



I continuously do my own research, where I test the latest trends in IA, UX, Content Strategy, Screen Typography, and online marketing by developing my own products and blogs. I have also set up usability testing labs for several clients and provided them with a lean framework for testing product releases.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is more than site structure. It includes domain design, application structure, page structure, component definition and typography. A solid information architecture leads to software that’s contextually-aware and efficient.

Interface Copy

Interface copy is an integral part of the user’s experience. I carry the brand’s voice and tone into the UI and adapt it to the user’s needs. I have experience writing copy for apps, websites and newsletters.

User Interface Design

I have designed for mobile, tablet, web and 10-foot experiences (gaming and smart TVs). I take a lean and practical approach to interface design by “just-enough” prototypes. This has taken the form of pencil sketches, interactive prototypes and code. I specialize in minimal and high-affordance design patterns.

User Interface development

I enjoy building interfaces. I believe designers should know how to program because UI is code. I am versed in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I’m very familiar with Bootstrap and UI frameworks, but I prefer to build UIs from scratch.