Husam Machlovi Product Strategy & Design


I'm a writer, designer and programmer.

I lead With Pulp, a company that provides design and development services for socially responsible clients around the world.

Lately, I've been fascinated with Zen, systems design and perception.

I love finding a different point of view.

Minimalist. I prefer being and doing over having.

My guiding creative principle: Reduce form and content to their essence.


I'm grateful to have worked on meaningful digital products with very capable people.

Recently, I shipped:

  • Product strategy and design for an internet-of-things company that's changing the way people consume sports
  • A mobile-first transactional website for an organization that provides shelter for homeless youth
  • A mobile-first website for a higher education institution

I do things like:

  • Lead product teams
  • Create product concepts
  • Design user interfaces

Some of my partners:

Learn more about my passion for product strategy and design.