Husam Machlovi Product Design


I’m a product leader who has designed and built software used by millions of people worldwide.

I’m currently leading With Pulp, a digital product studio based in NYC.

Prior to starting With Pulp, I worked as a Product Manager and guided clients in their efforts to envision, plan and roll out digital products and services. This included DTC and B2B mobile apps and websites for Pfizer, Teva and Johnson & Johnson.

Recently, I shipped:
  • Product strategy and design for an internet-of-things company that’s changing the way people consume sports
  • A mobile-first transactional website for an organization that provides shelter for homeless youth
  • A mobile-first website for a higher education institution
I do things like:
  • Lead product teams
  • Create product concepts
  • Design user interfaces
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Sprint Planning
  • User Interface Design
  • Accessibility