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Key Advantages In An AI World

AI is very much here. Autonomous cars are a reality. Siri, Google Now and Amazon’s Alexa are becoming smarter with each use. Machines have beat the best humans in Chess and Go.

In the next few decades, we will hire machines to do things that we thought only humans can do. In fact, this trend will continue for as long as we can build more machines.

AI will perform functions once relegated to knowledge workers, factory workers, drivers, retail staff and more.

This inevitability may bring with it anxiety. Will I be able to find a job to support myself and my family?

But let’s not forget that while machines will evolve, so will we. We’ll work side by side with machines performing the functions we do best:

  • We’ll continue to innovate and build imaginative companies, products and services. This innovation will create jobs that we cannot even dream of at this time.
  • We’ll strengthen our ability to empathize as education, social services, patient care and other services evolve.
  • Our creative imagination will stretch beyond what we thought was possible within the arts and entertainment.

To best prepare for these changes, we must:

Become More Adaptable

Far and far the most important: We must embrace changes in our current lives and learn how to work around them. This will strengthen our resilience — a skill that will be critical in the AI world. AI will evolve faster and faster. We must be able to adapt to new roles and environments in order to remain competitive.

Embrace Collaboration

We must learn to work side-by-side with others. This will strengthen our communication skills so that we’re primed for organizational roles. As more machines take more jobs, there will be more leadership and management positions that need to be filled.

Teach Yourself

The days of “finishing our studies” after college are over. We must learn to teach ourselves and put that into practice. Processes will continue to improve and we’ll need to learn them in real time.

Published 26 Nov 2016

Husam Machlovi

Product Strategy & Design