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Attention Is Love

When we give another living being our attention, we are giving them love.

Giving attention is an act of giving time and time is the most precious thing in the world. We all have a finite amount of time, and we don’t know how much that amount is. By being present to others, we are choosing to spend a portion of our time with them. There is nothing that can be shared that is more valuable.

When we give others attention, we discover that they’re real. We see that we have more in common with them than the surface-level differences lead us to believe. They are fragile and want love, just like us.

By giving another living being our attention, we are also giving ourselves love. We find that we’re all connected to one another. Our worries are products of our time and place. Our emotions are a manifestation of our humanity. We are not alone.

Published 12 Nov 2016

Husam Machlovi

Product Strategy & Design