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A New Day

Today, I take off my armor of apathy

I say “I’m enough”
And let the tears clean my lens

I smile widely
The sparkle in my eyes illuminates the world around me

My heart beat is a bass drum inviting others to stand
My ancestors dance in the grooves of my hands
My arms are long and embrace the world
My feet are planted into the soil of the universe

Today, we are no strangers

We are shoulder to shoulder
Our focus on a single point in the far off distance

We celebrate our journey
Remembering each other through our presence

Our marching is our music and it guides the way
Our food is plentiful and feeds the bellies of the Gods
Our warmth is a star that heats up all of space
Our love is the oxygen that nourishes our cells

Published 17 Nov 2016

Husam Machlovi

Product Strategy & Design